Frequently asked questions

Ask away, it's your session so there are no stupid questions!

Here are a few things we've been asked before - please feel free to get in touch with any other queries, anytime.


-"I haven't exercised for a long time. Do I need to get fit before joining?"

No come and get fit with us! Our trainers will tailor sessions to everyone's needs.

-"I've just completed my 10th ultra-marathon and I want to be pushed. Is this the right class for me?"

You will certainly be pushed... Different levels are accommodated for at every class and there are a wide range of fitness levels in the group. Training usually includes a mix of strength, conditioning and cardio with a shift in theme/focus every 4-6 weeks.

-"How many people might I expect to be at a session?"

There are usually between 6-10 WFFers

-"Do you use weights or equipment?"

No, we primarily use a wide range of bodyweight and calisthenic exercises with occasional use of resistance bands or similar. You won't end up looking like a bodybuilder, but you will get fit - we guarantee it.

-How fit are other group members likely to be?

There is a wide range of varying levels of fitness among group members - from people who have been out of exercise for a long time to people training for marathons; because we train in small groups we're able to adapt to the needs of those present.

-I'm coming back to exercise after a break. How many sessions a week would you suggest?

Listen to your body. 1-2 sessions a week is a good place to start - you can also speak to our trainers for further advice.

-What do I do with my keys/phone?

Our trainer has a bag to hold on to these in the session for your comfort but we recommend not bringing anything hugely valuable.

-What should I wear?

Regular sports clothes that you don't mind getting a bit dirty and trainers with some grip. Dirt-levels depend upon the time of year! If it's cold, layer up - you can always hand layers to our trainers as/when you warm up. Some members use gloves for comfort.

-What should I bring?

Yourself, water bottle, and a positive mental attitude.


-"Do you exercise in the dark?"

Yes! In fact, many of our members say they love it. There is actually quite a lot of cover from street lighting, moonlight and our trainers bring flashlights in the winter. Exercises are adapted to be safe and suitable whatever the conditions.

-"What if it rains?

We train in the rain. Sessions continue whatever the weather. Just layer up, wear waterproofs or embrace getting wet! We guarantee you'll be more than warm enough within minutes of the session starting. You'll also burn more calories as your body keeps itself warm - win-win!

-"What about the snow?"

We go in the snow. In fact, we love sessions in the snow!

-"What about dog or duck poo?"

We try to avoid it! Duck poo can be a hazard in some areas of the flats but you can simply wear gloves if you're worried.

-"Will I get insect bites?"

There are some midges in late summer, long sleeves and some insect repellent keep them away if you are tasty!

-"Isn't it better in the gym?"

We know from experience that outdoor group exercise gives a significant extra buzz - research has proven it boosts motivation, decreases perceived levels of exertion and supports mental wellbeing. Practically, there's no need to wait for equipment, no bad smells, no joining fees and no need to worry about peak times. You might not 'bulk up' but you'll get as fit as you can in any gym.


-"Will there be others like me? What if I have a long-term injury or disability?"

Everyone and anyone who lives in the local area is welcome. Our trainers are committed to being inclusive, always open to learning and have lots of experience working with injury and disability. You can flag anything up with our trainers via our health questionnaire before your 1st session or speak to our trainers, in confidence, at any time.

-"Can I bring my baby/child/dog with me?"

Little ones are welcome - some of our members regularly bring their children along. Assistance Dogs are also welcome.

-"Will I be safe on the flats?"

We meet in a well-lit and busy area, exercise in groups on the flats and you are in close proximity (socially distanced!) to the trainers at all times.

-"Who can I talk to about any personal queries or confidential matters?"

You can talk to our trainers in confidence at any time.


"Are you fully insured?"

Yes, our trainers are all fully qualified, insured and regulated by UK professional bodies. Please contact us if you want further details.

"Are you Covid-safe? What special measures are you taking?"

Yes. The beauty of the Flats is the space it affords. We have an approved Covid-safety protocol, trainers ensure that participants are socially distanced at all times, no equipment is shared, and we are of course outdoors throughout. In the event of future lockdowns, we will continue to run sessions via Zoom that members can join from their homes or anywhere they wish. Please contact us if you want further details.